Hall of Fame - Batting | St Kevins Old Collegians Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11392109381484632944636139*Patrick L GhellerSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield1 1Ashburton Willows
21162109051484632944677116Michael TurnbullSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield12 1Canterbury
3821804564148463294465682Kanwar MannSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield6 1Surrey Hills
4801804564148463294466280Kanwar MannSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield8 1Mont Albert
575210905148463294467375*Michael TurnbullSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield11 1Canterbury
6711518627148463294467771Ramindu KumarasingheSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield12 1Canterbury
7701804564148463307442670Kanwar MannSt Kevins OC2018/2019Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz)1 1Deepdene Uniting
8631678376148463294719663Niroshan De SilvaSt Kevins OC2018/2019C Turf (Thomson Shield)5 1Hawthorn
9561518627148463294464756Ramindu KumarasingheSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield4 1East Doncaster
10551378773148463294465955Nick WongSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield7 1Mont Albert
11521518627148463294466652Ramindu KumarasingheSt Kevins OC2018/2019Dunstan Shield9 1East Doncaster
12511804564148463307444351Kanwar MannSt Kevins OC2018/2019Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz)2 1Old Carey Cricket Club
1350164409148463294718050Sam PollockSt Kevins OC2018/2019C Turf (Thomson Shield)1 1Ashburton Willows
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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