Hall of Fame - Batting | St Kevins Old Collegians Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113516783221264632664021135James DimattinaSt Kevins OC2017/2018G Turf (Butler Shield)1 1La Trobe University
292557823126463266235192*Ryan ChardSt Kevins OC2017/2018C Turf (Thomson Shield)13 1Marcellin OC
39158108126463265985091Jye J SampsonSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield1 1East Doncaster
485210938126463265986485Patrick L GhellerSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield4 1Mulgrave
5831209629126463266406583Bill FithallSt Kevins OC2017/2018G Turf (Butler Shield)12 1Deepdene Bears
6811485810126463266233981Jack MarshallSt Kevins OC2017/2018C Turf (Thomson Shield)10 1Boronia
780414888126463266403780*Ben RobinsonSt Kevins OC2017/2018G Turf (Butler Shield)5 1East Malvern Tooronga
880210905126463265986980*Michael TurnbullSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield6 1Mulgrave
97958108126463265985679*Jye J SampsonSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield2 1Surrey Hills
1065557830126463265990465Andrew FernonSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield14 1Canterbury
1162716657126463266235462Sam BrowneSt Kevins OC2017/2018C Turf (Thomson Shield)14 1Richmond City
12621713644126463266404962Nick SlomanSt Kevins OC2017/2018G Turf (Butler Shield)8 1Mont Albert
136195796126463266402161*Robert JansenSt Kevins OC2017/2018G Turf (Butler Shield)1 1La Trobe University
14601378773126463265987360Nick WongSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield7 1Mont Albert
1559210938126463265986959Patrick L GhellerSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield6 1Mulgrave
165769550126463266230757Sean SteinwallSt Kevins OC2017/2018C Turf (Thomson Shield)2 1Marcellin OC
17571176679126463266406557*Rakesh AravindakshanSt Kevins OC2017/2018G Turf (Butler Shield)12 1Deepdene Bears
18561718374126463265988456Sudeepta AurkaSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield9 1Mont Albert
1956557855126463266406956Yohan PereiraSt Kevins OC2017/2018G Turf (Butler Shield)13 1East Malvern Tooronga
2052210905126463265990052Michael TurnbullSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield13 1Surrey Hills
2152300879126463265986052Peter BrannanSt Kevins OC2017/2018Dunstan Shield3 1East Doncaster
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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